Trying out new things – Lockdown Edition

It’s better to try something and regret later than to regret of not having tried it at all.

quote from a J-drama, I am sure there is an equivalent in English (haven’t been able to find it ;p)

Business Stuff

I have always wanted to overcome my ignorance towards marketing, business, stocks, and economics. As a first step, I even signed up for a coffee time finance mailing list. I think it has been two weeks, but I have’t spent good amount of reading those two articles. That is something I would like to change from this week. [ ]

Contribute to Open Source

[]. This website has been on my great articles bookmarks for almost a week. I still haven’t gotten around to spending some time reading it. The post that redirected me to this article was interesting and related to open source contribution which led me to bookmark it. This is something I want to try out.

Playing the Keyboard

Playing the piano is something I really enjoy but maybe not enough to overcome my laziness of removing the covering, plugging the power and sitting down to play a song. I am very lazy :/ and ashamed. So to motivate myself, I want to search for songs that I usually sing, and find the music sheets for those. It would definitely be more satisfying to have accomplished learning a song a week and show off my skill to my family of course (it is the grave times of covid-19 and lockdown conditions)


After having finished JLPT N2 despite having to manage a ton of things I can’t seem to push myself to learn more kanjis. I am indeed very unambitious and lazy. However, when I come across new Kanji, I do get excited though just for a few fleeting seconds. I think I should dedicate some time to learning N1 kanji and add it to my set of accomplishments.

Read a book every week

Yesterday, I was looking at the linkedin posts like short book reviews made by this pretty famous tech guy, software community personality : Rohan Kamath. I have read many of his answers on Quora and have always thought he is really good at what he does, be that tech related stuff or just writing/English. So he reads a book every week and gives a short review about it on LinkedIn, I believe he started it this year. I wanted to try something like that too. I love reading books too, I hope I can hold it out when there is a schedule like a book a week. I am sure I could do it if I really wanted to.

Oooh Exercise

Running/walking really help me keep my body fit and away from problems but I hate doing them. Wow, story of my life. The goal is to exercise everyday, doesn’t matter what it is. Something I started and stopped were Chloe Tings Abs workout, it’s just 10 min long but makes your stomach feel like jell-o after that.

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